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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Edit: I've just realised that it's FTF and since this post was a waffle about a favourite thing I thought I'd make this my FTF post too.


After reading this post and this one too I have been taking more notice of the trees around me
or their bark in particular.

I've mentioned many times my love of trees and most of the time that is mainly because of their leafiness,
or their pretty flowers,
or the wonderful shade they give  ........
but , when I thought about it, some of them I love because of their bark.

So I've been taking more notice of bark as I move around in my day to day doings and I've found lots of very interesting examples to show you.

Some type of palm/cycad tree

Iron bark

Paper bark

Spotty bark

Smooth bark

Stringy bark

Scribbly bark
("The scribbly gum tree is a eucalyptus tree with a very smooth, pale trunk. The distinctive brownish 'scribbles' are made by the larvae of the tiny scribbly moth.")

Colourful bark -Snow Gum

and even bark that looks like a  grumpy face !


PS. The last four photos are examples of the bark of Australian trees that I  found on the internet. 


  1. Brilliant post. I have to admit the bark I pay closest attention is usually no longer attached to the tree ... I use the tannins in bark when I'm plant dyeing fabric and yarn.

  2. Great post about bark Helsie! Enjoyed all the photos. We finally got a break from all the rain and dark, dreary days here. Yesterday was beautiful sunny and low 70s and more coming this week.

  3. Great photos! I love the grumpy one and I've never seen such a colourful bark as the snow gum.

  4. An interesting post Helen. Well-observed but I am surprised you didn't include dog bark! Woof!
    I once touched the bark of the biggest tree in the world - The General Sherman tree in California and it was spongy. That is probably why the tree has endured for over two thousand years. Retained moisture fended off forest fires - mostly caused by lightning.

  5. Paper bark is my favourite. Remember when you were a kid and you used to peel bark and your Mum would tell you off (or was that only my Mum?)

    Trees are fascinating when you look at them a little more closely. Nature certainly knows what she's doing!

  6. Love your wonderful examples of the texture of bark. I never saw so many in one place! We have two huge river birch trees out front with interesting reddish brown papery bark. The trees shed a lot of things, but bark isn't one of them, funny enough.

  7. Love the bark pics . I don't think I've ever taken much time to think about bark. Like Shay I remember peeling bark and getting in trouble. I think my favorite bark is birch bark didn't they used to make canoes out of it.

  8. my fav is the alpine snow gums, they have the most amazing colours just like your photo!

  9. Lovely post Helen and glad to have made you think with my own bark photo! Love that snow gum tree - never seen anything like it here it's so colourful. I think there are interesting things to see everywhere it's just a matter of noticing. Thanks for showing us some of your tree barks. By the way we did a walk on Tuesday round Martinstown and we thought of you and our happy evening together!

  10. Great post Helen....loved all your trees and their very special outer garments.

  11. I love bark, so many beautiful textures and colours. My favourite is scribbly gum I just love the amazing patterns that are formed.

    Shay I think it was just your mum!

  12. The Gum tree is awesome. I don't think I've ever seen one in real life.

  13. I've had trees as a FTF thing in the past, so I really enjoyed this. Love bark, the question is did you go and stroke some of them? I have been known to, the textures are amazing.

  14. I've never given bark much thought, I will now. Love all the pictures. Great FTF.

  15. Wow, what great photos! Amazing to see so many different types of bark.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  16. Very good! They got weirder and weirder. Once you start noticing, you can't stop, can you?