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Monday, July 26, 2010


Get ready I'm going to RANT !

Recently my daughter bought a new car.

She works hard and loves her shiny blue car.
She's had this lovely car for 6 weeks.
Recently she was off doing a course so that she could learn a new technique to help improve her skills in caring for patients in the Intensive Care Ward of the hospital where she works.
Works at helping to save people's lives.

While on the course she left her new car parked in the hospital car park.
She presumed it would be safe there as it was "secure" - even had a "security guard"!
Left it overnight as the course was out of town........

... and when she returned this is what she found.

 She decided it was safer to park it in a nearby street in the future ....
and two days later this is what she found  !

Senseless vandalism !.....
........  huge  inconvenience and costly to get it repaired.

NOT very cheerful today !!!


  1. The poor thing, it really beggars belief doesn't it? Sadly there are so many people out there with nothing better to do than cause grief to others, not caring about anyone but themselves. I guess it could have been worse but that won't really help her right now!

  2. How *** annoying - why do people do this sort of thing I wonder? As Harmony and Rosie says it could have been worse but that is of very little consolation to her at the moment and such "little" things can be even more frustrating and angry making than major ones. Do hope she is able to get it all sorted soon and hope too that whoever did it will get his (or her) just deserts somewhere along the way!


  3. Oh Helen I could cry for your daughter there are some very jealous people in this world! I hope she gets it sorted out soon. x

  4. That's just despicable. Such mindless vandalism. What a shame, especially as your daughter has worked hard to buy the car. So sorry! Hope the week gets better. Ros

  5. OMG! This is so awlful.
    How annoying!
    Why can't people respect peoples belongings!
    I am so sorry for her,
    Love Suex

  6. I just don't understand why people do these things!

    So sorry for your daughter!

  7. Thanks for your comment on mine and for asking about my daughter. As far as I know she is still working in a bar somewhere in the outback in Brisbane area but as the last e-mail was just half a dozen words all I got from that was that she is till alive!!

  8. How terrible, I just don't understand how people can be so nasty. I am so sorry for your daughter.

  9. So sad to see things like this happen. Really trying to find the good out there at the moment and all the news is bad, bad and more bad - I think it is breeding it