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Sunday, February 25, 2018


We are now counting down to our UK holiday.
Seven  weeks to go.

Hoping there will still be daffodils like this !

Looking forward to walking through Yorkshire countryside like this !

and visiting beautiful stately homes like this !

and natural wonder like this

and this !

before staying in lovely cities that have cathedrals like this !

How lucky are we ?
Can hardly wait .


* All photos from the Internet today


  1. I hope it will have warmed up somewhat by then - it's freezing here just now! We do already have plenty of daffodils nearby and if you are actually visiting Wells cathedral do let us know as you will be almost on our doorstep again and it would be great to meet up again if that's possible? Keep us posted won't you.

  2. PS Not sure if you have my e-mail address as D changed from the O2 one some time ago. You can always leave a message on my blog if you don't have the current one and I can get back to you from there.

  3. Looks like a nice country to visit!

    1. My favourite Sue though France runs a close second.

  4. It looks like you're in for quite a treat...a wonderful time ahead, Helsie. I'm sure you will cherish every moment and every vista. :)

    1. So looking forward to it Lee. Hope I can blog while I'm there, not so easy with my new ipad :(

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