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Sunday, April 20, 2014


We have some very special visitors to Australia at the moment.
We're very happy to see them and their tour is creating loads of interest with huge crowds where ever they go.
But for me yesterday was a highlight.
Do you remember here when I told you about the plight of the bilby and how there was a push to replace the Easter Bunny with the Easter Bilby?
The poor little bilby, though very cute, is not widely known.
Or he wasn't till yesterday !
Yesterday William and Kate and George ensured that the world now knows what a bilby is.
This one has been named George too !!
There was even a toy bilby to take home.
A proud dad taking his little one to the zoo.

Little George was enthralled

Lots of lovely images of a lovely little family behaving very much like most families with small children at the zoo.


  1. Yes very cute photos! I noticed on the TV coverage that all the kids just love baby George.
    Did you join the crowds at Southbank Helen?

    1. I hate crowds Carol. TV gets a better view anyhow but I am watching their tour with great interest. They seem very naturel and Kate is lovely.

    2. PS. Carol, you've done a disappearing act again !

  2. On behalf of the British people, may I apologise for Prince George's discourtesy? When generously presented with a cuddly toy bilby from the Australian nation, he threw it down immediately. I hope that this has not irrevocably damaged Anglo-Australian relations. In Prince George's defence I should emphasise that he is still a baby and the behaviour of any small child relates directly to parenting.

    1. Perhaps he takes after his Grandfather.

    2. More likely his great grandfather - Prince Philip who is well-known for his politically incorrect outbursts.

  3. The Royal couple are coming here tomorrow ...its all very exciting!

    Prince George is such a cutie!

    1. I'm a royal family lover Shay . These two ( Kate and William) are a real asset aren't they?

  4. It certainly has been a lovely tour by the young couple...and baby George is a little heart-stealer...he's not so 'little", though...he's a solid bub...and a such a sweetie.

    I'm like you, Helsie...I hate crowds, too...and prefer to watch it in the comfort of my home...on TV...we've been getting great coverage; and I've hardly missed any of it.

  5. I love seeing these photos of this young family. They seem so down-to-earth (as much as Royals can be) and certainly in love with each other and their little man.
    Thanks for your recent comments on my blog - I see from your next post that you're heading off to Italy soon. Have a wonderful time!