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Friday, April 25, 2014


possibly the most important day commemorated in Australia,
  is celebrated on 25th April.
Although at first it was created as the day we honour those who fought and died at Gallipoli, it has evolved into a day we remember all those who served ,
fighting for the freedoms we enjoy today.
 Most of these battles have been fought on distant shores.

Each year more and more people attend memorial ceremonies and the dawn ceremonies are extremely popular.

This year the images of service men killed in recent action were projected onto the front of the Australian War Memorial in  Canberra before the service began.
Ben Roberts-Smith VC spoke at the ceremony this morning emphasising that we should remember the returned soldiers and wounded too and give them continuous on-going support.
(He's a huge fellow isn't he? )
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived unexpectedly and unannounced around 4:30am on a very cool Canberra morning to take part quietly in the service.

                          And later in the day took part in the official ANZAC DAY PARADE.

                           All over the world Australians we're taking part in similar ceremonies
                            ensuring that we never forget the horror and terrible price of war.

                                                                  LEST WE FORGET


  1. Ben Roberts-Smith is certainly a big boy isn't he?

  2. Anzac Day is a very special day...to my mind, the most important day on our Aussie calendar.

    And yes...Ben Roberts-Smith is big lad. He's a fine looking man, that's for sure; and one we can be very proud of.