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Friday, February 1, 2013


Well, after the awful weather of last weekend where we had 250+ mm ( yes that's 10 inches !!) of rain in 2 days we are once again feeling very battered.

The rain depression was the tail end of a cyclone and brought with it very destructive winds as well as lots of rain.

There has been heaps of damage from this wind - especially from fallen trees,

usually gum trees falling on houses.

Of course rain like that also brings floods - not too bad in Brisbane thank heavens.

Thses horses in Bundaberg are being swum to safety.

Northern Queensland has once again born the brunt of the rain and, poor things, they are having huge floods.

For us, it's largely inconvenience of flooded roads, some places have no electricity ( and internet !).

Tonight, a week later and life is just about back to normal then,
at 10:00pm, a storm warning just came through on my phone.

Here we go again!!!!

PS. especially For Foody

The term "ocker" is used both as a noun and adjective for an Australian who speaks and acts in an uncultured manner, using a broad Australian accent (or Strine).[1] The typical ocker is "usually found in a blue singlet and rubber thongs with a tinnie in his hand propping up a bar".[2]
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  1. wow, such devastation. I do feel for people whose homes are damaged. That must have been very worrying for the owners of those horses.

  2. Here in the states, we have been hearing reports on the devastating weather in Australia. I hoped and prayed that you and your were alright. So glad to hear all is OK. What damage those storms did. Glad all you had was a few power outages. Thanks for sharing the photos. I don't think I've ever seen anything like the one of the horses swimming to safety.

  3. Hang tough. You seem to be hit every year. I can't believe this world these days. Actually, some days I don't even want to turn on the computer and see then news. Safe weekend wishes. I hear you have jury duty calling. I survived that adventure last year. Last thing I wanted. Some loved it, not I.

  4. So glad you're OK, Helsie, take care.

  5. Those winds were ferocious. Somebody I know was stupid enough to attempt to drive from the coast to Brisbane on Saturday afternoon, said there were cars being blown off the Bruce Highway, and the winds were horrific. So glad I was sensible and stayed on the Coast, I was supposed to drive down on Sunday when it was much worse.

  6. Yep-Queensland really turned it on for my visit. The rain was pretty impressive I must say. My cousin was stuck further North due to the floods but he's fine. So many people have had it so much worse.

  7. Winds and storms are getting bad everywhere. Two days ago there was a tornado not far from us that also touched down in Tennessee. We drove by the area this evening and saw some houses that were razed to the ground. I think it took just a few seconds to destroy 100 + houses. Bad weather is always so scary.

  8. Good Lord! Thankfully storms like that are very rare here but no less destructive. I lost six cottages last year in what they described as a 'once-in-a-decade' storm so I feel for anyone who has to go through that. When the water came, all I could do was grab my three year old, throw him in the truck, drive up onto the high ground and then sit there watching the waves smash everything I had worked for. My neighbor lost over twenty cottages and two thirds of his land was washed into the sea. But the important thing is that we are alive and in a couple of months I'll be open for business.

    Stay safe, Helsie!

  9. Wow! We thought it had been quite bad here in the UK but nothing like that little lot. Ros

  10. Thanks for the personal reply about the 'ockers'!
    What weather and what pics. I hope the horses got to safety.