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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Oh dear, I've been absent from here for quite a while.
I think it must be something about this time of year.
It's summer and everything grinds to a halt for school holidays which means clubs and hobbies seem to shut down too while everyone tries to cope with the heat.

Here, in our humble abode we've been coping with awful heat and broken down air conditioning since before Christmas which has meant I've been heading off to shopping malls where there is aircon.
There I find a quiet spot, grab a coffee and settle down with a book for a couple of hours of respite from the heat, only returning home around 3 o'clock when the worst heat of the day has passed !!

So.... nothing very productive has been happening ( including housework !!!) chez nous.
(Practising my French for the upcoming holiday. Only 10 weeks away now !)

However, the terrible heat and awful rain seem to be behind us now and the days have been really pleasant - around 26 to 28 degrees....

which has prompted a little cutting back in the back garden!

Tony prunes with a chain saw!

and so we're left with this where once a thriving garden of grevilleas once grew !!

It's all looking very bare but hopefully they will soon be shooting and looking refreshed !

We seem to be having a bad trot with appliances because on Friday our 6 year old fridge turned up its toes and the diagnosis was terminal

so a new one will be delivered tomorrow and the new aircon will finally be installed on Thursday.

Then, in the mail, came this !

Jury Duty !!!!

I've never done Jury Duty before as I always was exempted while I was working so it will be a new experience.
I'm very interested in the whole thing and really quite looking forward to it.

I start on Monday.
I wonder if I will have some stories I will be able (allowed ? ) to tell you about it ?

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  1. You are the second person I've heard being called for jury duty this week!
    Oh I can't begin to imagine how hot it must have been for you without aircon over the last few weeks...YUCK.
    Only six years old and the fridge dies, that's dreadful. I'm going to sound old, but they really don't make things (like they used to) to last these days do they.

  2. Oh poor you, no air con in your climate. You have my sympathy. A new fridge after 6 years is terrible. I sure hope your new one has a better run. 10 weeks to your holiday...how exciting.
    Anne xx

  3. Helsie please send me some heat, I am SOOO fed up with being cold!
    Oh well, 3 weeks and I shall be in Thailand- one extreme to the other!

  4. My first visit is like going to the dentist for the first time. I discovered it only hurts when I remember our heat wave like you have. Mine was the summer of 2012. And we had a drought to go along with it. Thankfully the central air held out but it is not a new baby and is past it middle teens. I am on oxygen 24/7 and with COPD getting fresh air is a daily chore. So I spent most of the year in a chair looking out the bay window at those less or more fortunate chugging by. We do need somebody to come in and condemn the old blue gray carpet that gives off particles of carpet and dirt and the dust of mites and dog dandruff coupled with more than one butt scoot. God forgive us. I promise not to sin again if somebody gets the carpet out of the house.

  5. Oh my your air conditioning has been off for a very long time. You poor dear. Jury duty should be interesting. I have never been called to serve and would love to!! Can't wait to hear your stories.

  6. Well, at least there will be air conditioning at your jury duty, and I'm sure it will be an adventure. I could sure use one of your summery days here today in California.

  7. No air conditioning? In the heat of Summer? You have my sympathy. Although your next power bill will probably be a pleasant surprise.

    I'd be hopping mad about a 6 year old fridge dying...that's just insane. My folks had their first fridge for 40 years before it died 11 years ago.

  8. I nearly went nuts without aircon when our power was out for four days after the cyclone ! Our garden looks like a disaster zone as the pool surrounds are being demolished and rebuilt, half of my plants have been ripped out :( I guess it will all come good in the end.

  9. Oh yeah, I also went to the mall the last time our air con broke. Haha! I just got lucky that it didn’t take a long time to fix it. Well, in your case, it seems that you had bad luck back because both your air con and fridge were broken. Double misfortune, huh? Anyhow, what matters is that you were able to find a replacement soon enough before you suffered from too much heat.

    Darryl Iorio