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Monday, December 31, 2012


Tuesday, 1st January dawned bright and sunny on the east coast of Australia.
A perfect day to spend at the beach
basking in the sun
and cooling off in the sparkling blue water.
That's what 40 000+ people were doing today at Bondi beach, Sydney.
That is until the shark alarms went off at 4:15pm and all those people fled from the water.
It's an eerie sight to see no-one swimming  - in fact hardly anyone has even a toe in the water !!!

A surf patrol boat was doing a routine surveillance run up the coast when the lifesavers on board thought they saw a large shark off Bondi Beach.
The all clear was finally given at 4:40pm when swimmers we once again allowed into the water.
Bet they all stayed close to the shore !!
You can read about it here


  1. Happy New Year! The sharks were only coming in to say the same!

  2. Happy New Year!

    What gorgeous photos... so different to the wet and windy weather we're having a lot of at the moment!

  3. That would get me to shore really quick too!!! Beautiful shots of your beach. Wishing you the best 2013 has to offer.

  4. I had to smile Helsie, we too were on the beach, but WAY colder and WAY windier and quite deserted :-D

  5. I've never been the same about sharks since watching 'jaws'.
    Do you swim often Helsie?

  6. Katherine,
    I've never been the same since "Jaws" either. In my youth I was the swimmer who was furtherest out. not any more! Not so keen on the beach in my older years either. The sun's too hot !

  7. I bet it was just Tony in his black wetsuit with a rubber fin on his back.