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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


We've been busy buying tickets on one of these.......

so we can plan a holiday starting here...,

then travel south-east to here for a week, ..............

to visit old, old villages like this one.... 
and after that move north to spend a week here, ..... 

 on this beautiful lake
and in this lovely old town, .......

then further north to finish with a week here ....


so we can visit some of these.

Lots of planning and research to do until May next year.

Six months !!!!

Can't wait.


PS. Since I haven't been there yet I pinched these photos from the internet. Next year I hope to have some of my own to show you !
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  1. What a splendid holiday that will be. Happy planning!

  2. What a brilliant holiday that will be.Are you brushing up your French?I love Paris.We were there for five days last December.magical.

  3. Wow...that's going to be a wonderful trip! We upgraded our seats on our flights to and from London. It was a bucket list thingie for me to fly in luxury. Very expensive though...that's tough to swallow. I would love to go to Paris and Italy one day. My Mother's father's side is french so it's in my blood.

  4. Oooh! just as I leave France you come over! Have a wonderful time with the planning.

  5. Now I'm jealous. That's going to be one fabulous holiday!

  6. That 6 months is going to fly by. I cant wait for you to go so we can see all those beautiful places.

  7. One word. Jealous.

    Ok, a couple more.... I can't wait.
    I just love to travel with you and Tony.

  8. Happy planning. It's so much fun thinking, planning and dreaming of where you will be going. I'm looking forward to your photos already.
    Anne xx

  9. sounds like you've got the plan, just need to iron out the details! looks like a wonderful trip in your future.

  10. I assume that the tall metal tower is in Blackpool, England?... Disappointed that England isn't in your itinerary this time round but as you know the world is big and time is so short. You'll need to buy Tony a beret, horizontal striped T-shirt and a string of plastic onions for Christmas. You'll probably get a packet of "Gitanes" and an Audrey Hepburn cigarette holder.

  11. How exciting! I love the planning stage almost as much as the actually doing part.