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Monday, October 29, 2012


It's Springtime here in Brissy.
In Spring you don't expect to be faced with this when you venture into your backyard.

Lawn all brown,
trees and shrubs dropping leaves
but we haven't had rain for about three months and everything looks awful.

Time for some serious action!!!

That bougainvillea with its rampant growth is gone!

but watch out for its vicious thorns !!!

and after a mighty struggle the passionfruit vine that has come from the neighbour's yard and covered the Leopard tree is almost eliminated.

There are still some bits high up in the tree
where even Tony still can't reach them.
The tangled mess where the vine has crossed the fence and taken prisioner a large grevillea is presenting quite a challenge.

This large "tree" is a world champion sized weed!

We call it Wild Tobacco.
Look, it's ready to flower and spread.

and here's a new one just starting out.

We thought we'd killed these other bougainvilleas

but here they come again !

Time to poison them.
In future the only bougainvillea in our place will be in pots like this one. 

We've got quite a job ahead of us to get rid of all this mess and quite a bit more to do in the cutting back department.
Let's hope we get some rain soon so it all recovers and starts to look nice again.
It's quite depressing looking at all that brown in Spring.

On a more cheerful note I've planted these pretty coleus for some colour in the garden room.

Hope all those in the path of the big storm in the USA stay safe.


PS. I may be absent for a while as Dad may have his valve replacement procedure next week so fingers crossed for a good result.
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  1. Hope all goes well for your Dad Helen - sending him our best wishes. Hope too that you get some rain soon - Fancy all that growth without rain whatever would it be like there if you'd had rain?!

  2. Hope your dad feels better soon, and all goes well.
    When you have sorted your garden would you like a challenge with mine, we have the dreaded Bindweed!
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. Good lick for your dad.
    Im so glad I'm not on acreage any more and don't have to rely on tank water. I can't believe how little rain we've had. Fingers crossed for some soon. That's a lot of cutting back, but it will look great when we finally get some rain.

  4. That looks like a LOT of really hard work! Thanks for the tour! Best wishes to your Dad...

  5. I wish we could send you some of our rain!
    Helsie, the header on my blog is a photo of Cotehele House, a National Trust property on the edge of Devon and Cornwall.

  6. California would be a desert if we had to rely on rain. And you know, don't you, that most of us would give anything to have bougainvillea running rampant in our gardens? Every year I buy a potted one and it never makes it through the winter. You can have your eucalyptus back, though.

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