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Friday, August 24, 2012


As you will imagine my recent computer disaster knocked me for six.
I've lost my file of recipes.
Not the end of the world because I have most of them printed up in a recipe folder that I made for each of my kids for Christmas last year.

All our family favourites recorded with photos taken while I've cooked them


  or occasionally while Tony was at the helm cooking his specialties,
 printed out for them ... and a copy for me too !

Any new ones I've collected I can find again ...
and anyway I need to stop cooking and start eating salads !!

I've lost a lot of photos I've taken over the last year.
Not the end of the world because a lot of them have made their way onto my blog.
In many ways this blog has become a bit of a diary of my life.
It's full of lots of little inconsequential moments and thoughts
but also has a snippet of the big things too.
So .... not lost forever.
Lots of times photos were taken with the blog specifically in mind and there were rather a lot of photos sitting there un-needed, unnecessary, unused.... infact unwanted.
 I just didn't have the heart to delete them.
Just in case , you know ?
Most family occasions have been recorded by Tony's superior skills and camera
so they are not lost either.
So I'm looking on the bright side... or trying to.
PS. Thank Heavens for blogging !


  1. Our computer ate a load of my photos last year and we never managed to get them back nor did the Computer Doctor when he came and fitted a new hard drive. I have to say it was in some ways quite liberating as now I don't have to do anything with them all and like you many of the better ones are on my blog and the others I probably didn't want anyway! Love your recipe folders - mine is a file of cuttings and handwritten ones and more of a scrapbook really! Many thanks for your comments and glad to say D is on the mend now thanks.

  2. What a great idea your family recipe books are!
    and yes a blog does come in handy forrecording your life.
    I put my photos onto an external drive every few months just in case!


  3. re, the recipe book for your offspring...
    Nice idea but it would have been easier to just compile contact details of fast food joints in their neighnourhoods, instructions on how to wield a can opener and how to gut a wallaby before chucking it on the barbie.
    Pleased you're finding a way forward after the computer death.

  4. Ah, praise be for hard copies and blogging.

    I often grab photos off my blog... it's more organized than my computer files!

  5. PS. I've never had a virus ... Apple Mac's the word.

  6. Helsie, please don't forget to back up your blog xx

  7. Oh, yes, I so agree with Kath.
    You know, often I say to myself 'Thank goodness for good old-fashioned paper!' It's a lot harder to lose although paper documents can does take a lot longer to lay one's hands on. I found myself searching a drawer for a comb yesterday and wishing I could just find it on the internet!
    Oh, poor Helsie, I just hope you have not lost forever anything that you really, really emotionally valued. That is the worst thing.

  8. We purchased an external hard drive for all our stuff. Makes us a little more confident that stuff can be recovered. Oh well, someone cleaned the 'closet' for you!!!

  9. I love your family recipe book! Your kids and grandkids will certainly appreciate it as the years go by. I wish I could have done something like that with my Mom's and Mother-in-law's recipes. I have blogged a few family favorites of ours. I would like to have my blog printed out one of these days so I have a hard copy too. Hubby is going to download my iPhone photos to our external drive and my laptop this weekend. I have almost 3,000 photos on my iPhone. I think it's time to delete them on my iPhone once they are saved.