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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Yep, there's only one word for it and that's
disaster !
Despite having full protection and firewalls by Norton my computer has been attacked by a new virus and the end result is that I have lost everything.

Yes, everything is gone!

#@#&** ( or words to that effect !)

And do you think I had it all backed up?
Of course not !!

So I've been spending my time reloading programs,
Loading photos off Tony's computer - I can't stand not having some photos there to use,
Re-establishing links and emailing friends for links that I have sent them in the past
and generally trying to get it back working again.

And tomorrow I'm off to buy an external hard drive that automatically backs everything up as you do it !



  1. That's awful Helen! But thanks for telling your adoring public about it. For me it's a timely reminder to do my own backing up or I will lose thousands of precious photos and documents. I am becoming increasingly suspicious of these anti-virus and firewall companies. Could it all be a lucrative worldwide marketing opportunity based on simple scaremongering? Surely malicious whizzkids will be able to get through any of our barriers.

  2. Oh, Helsie, I am so sorry to hear that. I know how it feels. It happened to me at work twice. I now save my docs on a stick and all my photos on disks as well as the computer.
    Oh, poor, poor you.

  3. That's terrible Helen. I bet your heart sank!

    If it'll make you feel any better - I have a hard drive somewhere and I still dont back up!

  4. Oh how awful. I'll bet you were cussing up a storm, I would be. If I lost my pictures, I would just die. We have external hard drives, money well spent. Good luck getting everything back together.

  5. Sweet heart. Please don't tell me all your pictures. I shall start to cry. That happened to us when I first started with digital. Now, twice a year, Scott make a copy and keeps them at the bank in our safety deposit box. Hope you get it all sorted out. Remember to breathe, it helps keep the BP low....

  6. Oh, no!!!!!! Sorry to hear this, Helen.

  7. Computers are sort of like our lives, we take them for granted until something goes awry. I back things up on an external, but I've always had Macs at home and at work and never lost anything. Never had a virus, either. I guess it's not impossible, though.

    I wonder sometimes what's going to happen to all of our wonderful photo collections when the next generation of media comes around. I still have a collection of floppy discs that no new computer will read. My mother kept photo albums with wonderful captions that tell the story. Are my photos on a CD going to be as meaningful to my descendants? I have several years of blogs, but what happens if Blogger goes out of business? Is there a way to download and save all that stuff?

  8. Oh, Helen that's so horrible and scary. Reminds me to do another back-up, cause even though I have it scheduled, I'm not on the computer every time that schedule comes up

  9. Oooh No. I know this is old news... hope things are more sorted now for you.