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Friday, June 22, 2012


I came upon this on Facebook and thought it was interesting.

What do you think?



  1. Mmmmn! Would it work though?! They would probably phone some helpline or another to complain about the judge's lack of human rights or something!

  2. I think that John Tapene is in the wrong job if he has, by implication, such a desperate opinion of young people today. To apparently put them all in the same "selfish gits" category is wrong because most young people are resourceful and try to make the most of their lives. Besides, it is the older generation that have created the sense that we should be served instead of serving. The kids have simply inherited a world that they didn't make.

  3. It's a good message for all ages...young and old. Get off your butt and make a contribution regardless of your age. There are too many lazy people wanting everyone else to take care of them and/or entertain them. You only have one life make the most of it - that takes hard work but you'll be happier in the long run.

  4. I agree....but I dont think the teens would!

  5. I dont think all young people are like that but I think there is a percentage who are.

    I also agree with Yorkshire Pudding- If kids behave like that , then that's because adults have let them from an early age.

  6. Our 4-H clubs keep kids busy learning how to do practical things and directing them in public service activities. The clubs require adult participation to carry this off, though, and it's really hard to find adults who will volunteer. Teenagers are the most enthusiastic, energetic group we have. It's unfortunate we've forgotten how to send them in the right direction. I agree with Tapene in theory. It's not usually necessary, though, to shame kids into pursuing the proper activities, most of them are quite happy doing something productive with their friends.

  7. I think this is valid and helpful advice to teenage kids who have ended up in court - i.e. got into trouble with the law, and who, as a defense, complain about having 'nothing to do'. And there are a lot of them up in Northland. In saying this, yes, it was the parents responsibility to give this advice, or, more to the point, to SHOW by example. Trouble is, the teenagers' parents probably just sat around smoking passive-inducing substances that grow very easily up in Northland... along with the lawns.
    Great post Helen.

  8. I agree not all young people are like that, but to those that are, I would say exactly the same. Maybe not the washing windows stuff. Work wouldn't be the first thing Iwould suggest unless they had left school. But I would say they should not just wait for things to be laid on. If they have an imagination, use it and think of something. If they have no imagination, just get their bikes and try to think of something. Or, indeed, read a book.