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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Sometimes it only takes a little change in things to make a big difference.

Ever since we moved into this house six years ago I've been complaining about the shower.
You see we were right in the middle of the BIG DROUGHT that held us in its grip for about ten years and forced us to be water conscious.

We were issued with these egg timers  and were supposed to set them to time our showers.

( You can see that ours is still in the packet !!)

We showered with a bucket at our feet to catch the excess water that flowed until the water was the right temperature, then used the water to try to keep our gardens alive as watering them was strictly forbidden.

and we installed these

water saving shower heads

so that only a reduced amount of water was actually delivered from the shower.

You practically had to run around in the shower to get wet !!!!

Well things have changed around here.

That old shower fitting broke.

What a shame!!

and has been replace with this one ......

Oh heaven !
oh bliss!

Just a little thing but what a difference !

( even more cheerful than usual !!)

PS. Of course the Great Drought was broken in 2011 when we had the Great Flood !


  1. Feast of famine!! One year, I gave each one of my kids a shower head just like that. They really like them too!

  2. I have a very old over-the-bath shower. One day I will have a lovely new one and be in bliss too!

  3. We are so alike! I put up with a crummy shower for years thinking that was the way it had to be and finally complained to my hubby. Imagine my surprise when he said the poor water flow was due to the shower head spray holes being clogged up. (I never noticed it.) I got him out to the store to get a new shower head as fast as I could. When he installed that new shower head and I took my first shower under it I felt like I was in heaven. Our new shower head is very similar to the one you installed. The simple pleasures of life!

  4. You say it broke. Well, how hard did you bang it against the wall. I love the over head shower one you put in. I mean we aren't suppose to have to exercise in the shower. Good job.

  5. Glad you can now have a decent shower!

  6. we are water metred, so I turn the shower off while shampooing and turn it on again to rinse. It makes you much more mean with water!
    We put bricks in the toilet cisterns to save the cistern filling to it's full capacity.
    Dog washing is done in the river!

  7. I do love a good shower...but we too are water metred, so have to be a bit careful.

  8. One of the joys of life is indeed a decent shower head. A simple thing but essential to a great showering experience. Enjoy yours!

  9. That looks much better. I couldn't be doing with a shower that is only a trickle.

  10. Surely that jolly swagman who camped by the billabong would have only occasionally bathed in similar billabongs or simply doused himself with lefttover water from his "billy". He wouldn't have been wanting showers all the time. In that sense he was mimicking aboriginal Australians who had an amazing ability to survive despite unreliable access to clean water.

  11. Ha-ha-ha! Yes, a shower head can make my day too! Thanks for the well wishes. Right back at ya! XOXO

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  13. We have a similar shower head only ours comes from the ceiling, it is part water and part air so saves on water, we love it. Mind you the amount of water that has fallen from the skies in the UK in the past 48 hours they had not better be shouting about a drought!!