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Monday, April 23, 2012


Will you just look at this !!!

I wonder if this is a universal problem.

The kids have moved out and there are only two of us living here now
so when I discovered this I realised that the kids could no longer be blamed !!


Tony received this package by courier today.
He's been waiting impatiently for it.

He's a happy fellow now.......

and the cooler weather means that we eat less salads and more of this for tea.

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  1. Funny that re Loo Roll!
    Its pouring with rain here today, suppose to last all day so I expect we will have a similar meal!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. ha ha in our house it was the loo seat never down until they left home!

  3. I live by myself so I really have no one else to blame. Just got an iPad too. I love it!

  4. Have the same problem here with loo roll!Why do they NEVER put the new one on?Quite funny really.

  5. Someone in our family would leave one square of paper left on the roll so they didn't have to change it. We all know who HE was! :)
    Anne xx

  6. That seems like a lot of food for tea.

  7. I could tell you a hundred things that my husband has always told our sons off for (both of whom are now away at university) and yet the very same things still happen on a daily basis. Need I say more...?

  8. MINE is guilty of squeezing toothpaste tubes from the middle and leaving the top off.

    A kindle! Let us know how he gets on with it.

    What a lovely dinner. What is that rectangular chunky thing to the left of the parsnip? I can't quite work it out.

  9. You're going to have to pry that Ipad out of his hands...I love mine.

    Have you ever read my tutorial on how to change a toilet paper roll? You need to give that to Tony!

  10. Ruth:
    He's a big fellow !
    Foody: That's a chunk of pumpkin roasted . Very yummy. Not a kindle, it's an iPad.
    Don't think I'll ever get a go on it !

  11. Ha! I thought I was in our home for a minute there. Hubby has NEVER put a new roll on EVER. Says it because I'm fussy which way it unrolls. So true. LOL

  12. Ahhh... I couldn't work out if it was meat or veg. I have ony ever once had pumpkin. That explains why I couldn't recognize it.

  13. Regarding the loo roll, I guess that Tony may be a little like me. I was in my mid twenties when it finally clicked that toilet brushes are not just left in lavatories by cleaners and housewives ready for next time but are to be utilised by visiting despoilers of the pristine porcelain.

    Now Tony has a Kindle he'll be able to download a great novel I've heard about called "The Headland". The author is amazingly talented.

  14. Lovely post, but I'm laughing at the blatant 'Headland' plug.

    Now there is only my one son at home, I realise how grateful I am that he always changes the roll and puts the seat down! (In fact I told him so the other day). I deal myself with the cleaning, the bristles in the basin and the hairs in the shower... One thing at a time.