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Sunday, April 24, 2011


We've had our day's rest so now its on to the next exciting adventure.

There's been a lot of action with the iron today ...
and the packing is well underway.

Tony is in charge of technology....

... cameras, cords, chargers and plugs.
He's checking off his list too !

Only 3 days to go!



  1. Good luck - hope you can get everythinbg in the cases! Table is booked and looking forward to seeing you very soon. Weather still good here although it's forecast to get cooler this week so don't forget your woollies!

  2. Getting ready is always so hectic. Hope you get it all together (and can remember which bag you put it in!).

  3. Have a wonderful holiday, Helen and Tony. If you don't pack the right clothes - great excuse to go shopping!!