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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Instead of getting all of our clothes ready and preparing for our holiday in England we've been busy preparing for a party.
It's a very special party for Tony's mother.

Yes, she's turning   90   on Good Friday !

So today I've been making centre pieces for the tables.

It is so hard to photograph them in this light.

The dining room furniture has been moved out into the Garden Room .....

 ..... which is looking very bare without any plants.

We need to seat 18 - 20 so all available tables have been lined up ready.

and all the furniture from the Garden Room is now in the Dining Room - we'll serve welcome drinks and nibbles here (when it's all spruced up !).

This little table that Tony made from an old sewing machine will be the drinks table.

Still lots to do and two days to do it in !



  1. Happy Birthday to Tony's mum for Friday.
    Wow you are very organised already.

  2. Those are lovely decorations and I am sure it'll look fantastic on the day. You really are working hard so it can't fail to be the best.

  3. Hope it all's goes well, Friday is also my little girl's 8th birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday to your mother in law. 90 is an amazing achievement and should be celebrated is style. Looks like you've got that covered!

    Hope the day is wonderful for you all. (Parties are a lot of work arent they!)

  5. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl. :) Wishing you all a lovely day and that your preparations leading up to the big day go well. Have fun.
    Anne xx

  6. Many happy returns to the birthday girl!

    Enjoy the day!

  7. Wow...and the happiest of happy birthdays to the guest of honor. What a great event!

  8. Happy birthday to Tony's mother. Hope it all comes together and everyone has a great time.

  9. Happy 90th birthday to Tony's mum! I think we had that same sewing machine....

  10. Happy 90th birthday to Tony's Mum - what a wonderful milestone!
    Doesn't take long to pack, Helen. You should be an expert by now. Have a great trip.