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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Recently  I've been reading here and here about Wild Garlic so I thought I would tell you about a lovely walk Tony and I did in the Peak District in England last time we were in the UK in 2008.
The walk we did began and ended in a place called Monsal Head.

 You begin at the top of a ridge looking down into a pretty valley through which winds the Wye River.

First you cross the valley by traversing a disused railway viaduct then descend into the valley and walk along the pretty river.

The walk follows the river for a way then climbs through a wood and it is here we came upon this delightful sight.

This, we learnt, is Wild Garlic.

How gorgeous is that ???

After that you follow the river again till you come to a delightful village called Ashford -on-the-Water.

This pretty village still practises the ancient ritual of Well Dressing at this time of year.

We felt very privileged to witness this snapshot of an old English tradition.

As the village has six wells there was plenty to see

There are so many of these lovely walks in the UK.
You are very lucky to be able to roam freely over the pretty countryside.



  1. Hi Helsie, thanks for the link and sorry not to have been for a chat for a while. So pleased you got back home and the holiday was a great success, I need to catch up with your last couple of days in France so I'm off to put the kettle on before catching up.

    Kate x

  2. Very lovely indeed. I hope you enjoyed the pong too. It's out now of course. Ah... English villages...
    Did you know there are two Wye rivers in the UK? There might even be more, for all I know.

  3. Yes Foody I did know about the two Wye rivers. You would think they could have thought of another name or perhaps they thought it was just one really big river stretching all the way from Wales to the Peak District!

  4. These are beautiful photographs Helsie, interesting post.
    Hugs Suex

  5. Can't believe you are still on the move. What a great walk. Looks like wonderful weather a foot.


  6. Its a lovely area isn't it? the wild garlic looks great but you can smell it can't you?

  7. Imagine if you sat on it unawares? but it doesnt smell as strong as the big bulbs we buy for cooking. It is much milder, so you could chew the roots raw and it is delicious.

  8. Wonderful photos and I have always loved Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang - still do.
    Now a couple of questions????? Is there a scent and if so what does it smell like? Is this garlic able to be used in cooking?

  9. Yes Maria you can smell it - just like garlic !!
    and yes you can eat both the leaves and the root apparently though I've never done either.