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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


For our final week in France we moved to the little village of Epinac not far from Beaune in Burgundy.
This is our two bedroom cottage in Epinac once again owned by English people.

We left behind the flat countryside of the Loire Valley that is used mainly for growing crops.

The countryside around us as we drove towards Burgundy completely changed with very pretty rolling hills covered with deep green pasture or golden Rape Seed crops in full bloom.

and nestled amongst the hills were small villages.

Dotted in the green pastures are groups of white Charolais cattle. They seem to be very sociable cattle and are always in tight-knit groups making a lovely contrast to their green surroundings.

Of course we needed supplies straight away and there was a Sunday market in nearby Chagny so off we went.
And what a market it was !
It wound through the streets of this tiny town filled with all sorts of goodies.
You would never find food displayed like this in Oz because of the heat and flies- especially chicken but these were roasting away merrily in the open air .

 Then we came upon the strawberries!

Strawberries grown in a cold climate are a divine taste experience for Queenslanders.

Everyone was busy getting their week's supplies.

Lots of exotic looking food that was strange to us

and some prepared in different ways! 

 We soon joined in buying our supplies testing our limited French but helped along by friendly stallholders willing to overlook our poor grasp of their language.

This asparagas was new to us - huge white spears. I managed to ask how to cook it and was given instructions with words and gestures to boil it " like ze pasta" for 15 minutes.
So off we went to our new "home" for the week with all our booty.

Didn't we do well ?
And the asparagus?
I cooked it as instructed and it was delicious !



  1. Oh the sight of all those strawberries - and the gorgeous baskets they're in!! Very good to see you're eating so well, I like to coat white asparagus in olive oil and put it on the griddle, it's gorgeous with a little crushed sea salt. Enjoy your final week, Helsie.


  2. I was trying to remember where we had been in Burgundy, and that was it - Chagny!
    What a market. I don't know why it is that continental markets can have uncovered meat but we in the UK have to have it in sealed packs. We're all under the same EU rules too. It's not fair. Maybe GB is just more picky and obedient and stupid old health-and-safety conscious. Gimme the French market meat with flies and wasps all over it any day. Just wash it under the tap and Bob's your uncle.

  3. Lovely views of the countryside, market and your daring little cottage. I'm so glad you guys are having so much fun!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  4. I'll be right over. Have Tony pour that wine. What a delightful posting. I'm so hungry already and I haven't even finished my coffee this morning. Now, don't O.D. on those strawberries.

    What shopping are you doing, beside food...he-he... Have you seen any of that great Provence Fabrics. I think they pack well. Remember, to not hesitate. Bring it home. Tea Towel, Nappies, Bag, they all pack flat. So, I just thought about it. How does your dollar compare to the Euro? Are you finding things pricie over there for you? Oh, I forgot, your a "Lady", so maybe that doesn't matter.

    Off and running for the day,

  5. Yes Kate our dollar is very good at the moment so we are enjoying the exchange rate for once but no, I'm not shopping. With a baggage allowance of only 20 kilos we can only fit our clothes in our bags!

  6. Oh my Helen, those strawberries - I am drooling just looking at them! I have really enjoyed going through France with you and Tony - I can't believe you are in your last week it seems to have flown by! Really enjoy x

  7. So glad you are enjoying yourselves. The French love it if you try to speak their language don't they?! Our asparagus is just coming onto the market now - it is a short season of only a few weeks but it is delicious and nothing at all like the French white kind to look at - vive le difference eh?!


  8. Jane you are exactly right.
    We had been warned by so many people that the French were arrogant and rude but that was NOT our experience. We found them very friendly and when we tried French, which we did all the time, they went out of their way to help us and laughed with us at our battles to make ourselves understood.
    Yes, our asparagas is thin and green and while it is nice, it certainly doesn't have the flavour of the big fat white stuff!!

  9. Those strawberries! Just mouth-watering!
    Well honestly, it's all mouth watering!

    Thanks for the tour!