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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Just quickly dropping in today as it's Sunday.
Jeanne over at Tales from a Cottage Garden invitied fellow bloggers to join in " views from my kitchen window" so I thought I'd quickly take a photo.
Here it is.

Looks a bit like a prison doesn't it looking out (through the security and fly screen on the window) onto the outdoor room ?

For once we have a gloomy day - showery and breezy and not so hot.

For a change we have this in the sky instead of our usual blue skies.
It's late afternoon now but all day we've had showers of rain then fine bits and a respite from the heat.

It's been LOVELY.
So rarely do we have rainy days .
Usually our rain comes in the form of storms - thunder and lightning, an inch of rain in half an hour then bright sunshine again.
And when the hot sun hits the wet grass -oh the humidity just saps your strength !

So we welcome a rainy, relaxing Sunday now and then.

We don't need to think of the beach EVERY weekend !!



  1. Good morning Helsie...well..it is here..must be evening at your place now...lovely pictures...like your kitchen window...it looks a bit like stained glass...have a nice sunday!!..evening that is...greetings Francien.

  2. Good morning! It's 10am here in the UK and I'm glued to the Murray v Federer final at the Australian Open. I'd give anything for some warm sun over here at present. We have more snow and freezing temperatures. Enjoy the day! Ros

  3. It's cold, crisp but sunny here today, perfect for a walk this afternoon.

  4. It's a gloomy Sunday in Florida where I am right now too. Perfect day for blogging. I enjoy your thoughts so I signed up to follow you. Stop by my place and perhaps return the favor. http://www.boomerpie.com/

  5. gloomy here at my Florida location too, but a great day for searching blogs, i love it! Love the view from your kitchen window.

  6. Oh my oh my seeing all your pictures makes me "homesick" Ten years ago we spend 1 year in Australia and were 2 month in Brisbane because we loved it soooo much! You are living in my "dream place" I will definitively come back...

  7. I realise how nice it must be for you to have a less humid day - a real treat! ** Kim **

  8. I think your view looks tropical, not prison-like. Glad you've had some respite from the scorch! More snow here over the weekend but thankfully gone now and not quite as bitter as earlier in the month.

  9. I suppose I could just about imagine the rain being welcome but it would take a long time.

  10. Definitely tropical I agree Helen! I love your furniture. Aren't we all nosey? ha.ha.
    That was a good idea of a topic.
    Hope you had a good weekend we've had snow this morning.
    Hugs and Love Suex

  11. Hello Helise, thanks for your lovely comment s on my blog. What fantastic weather you've been having. I'm terribly English and wilt in anything over 23 degrees but its been so perishing here it would be nice if you could send some sun our way!

    Lark Rise btw is Lark Rise to Candleford, a BBC dramatisation of the Flora Thompson novels about her Oxfordshrie upbringing around the turn of the century. Lots of bustles and bonnets and very twee but perfect Sunday night viewing. You can see it again on the BBC iPlayer. The original books are beautifully written.

    Have a lovely week.

  12. What about the Cockroach Bon Bon lollies we sometimes get? ie the red ones !

  13. Your tropical view is made all the more better for that wonderful sun room! You lucky girl!!
    Thanks for joining in. It was a great idea of Toni's - have you been over at her blog www.gardenchickmusic.blogspot.com?

    Jeanne x