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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I am very lucky because I have visited England in the Spring and Summer when the flowers are at their best.

The daffodils


Bluebells - another sight to see.

Fields of buttercups.

Wild garlic
 (blooming in the woods in the Peak District near Monsel Head.)

Crops of beautiful linseed forming a pale blue carpet.....

and rape seed too

Daisies growing along the roadside,

Carpets of colour by the sea.

Cottage gardens to die for.

Blossom trees


I don't know what this purple flower is but it seems to just sprout out of rock walls.

Roses everywhere...

.. especially at Motisfont Abbey.

and the perfume !

Formal gardens at stately homes.....

and castles

and specially cultivated showpieces in country towns.
(Shrewsbury -The Dingle)

and wild flowers in the hedgerows

cow parsley

red campion ???



celendine ?



and that awful prickly gorse turns the hillsides gold.

I'll have to go back to see the heather and the red poppies.
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  1. Lovely pictures Helen. I can see you enjoyed yourselves. Also I see you made it to Cliveden (the Long Garden). That plant you are standing by on that wall is Aubretia. The red flower down by the celandines is called Red Valerian - my garden is full of it.

  2. WOW!!! Those photos are fantastic! The flowers are just beautiful, how lucky for you to see them. Thank you so much for sharing. Its made my day to see such beautiful flowers.

  3. lovely photos again, the flowers and gardens are very beautiful!

  4. I am now following you, so i get those lovely photos in my inbox! Jane from marigold jam gave me your link, which is a bit funny, she is all the way over in the UK and we are here in Qld!

  5. Beautiful photos. We do have some lovely flowers here. I adore the smell of wild garlic and Monsal Head is not far from me, it has feature in my blog once or twice!

    I came by mainly to thank you for the comment you left on my latest post.

    The Yorkshire Dales are lovely and I haven't had many chances to explore that area so once Dave is settled here (and earning again so we can afford plenty of petrol!) I'm sure we will venture north rather than south much more and be able to bring the dales to my blog for you! Until then, we'll have to stick to the Peaks as it's on the doorstep!


  6. Beautiful! I love the photo of the couple holding hands - so cute.

  7. yes come back!
    The purple one sprouting from walls I think is Aubretia.

  8. So pleased you enjoyed your time here!

  9. I haven't looked at this post before. It's magnificent. The cottage and castle gardens are my favourite.
    Croft Castle! I recognise it.
    Greater celandine. The purpley-pink unknown MIGHT be orpine but I don't really know.
    The white? Depends what size it was. Sometimes what appear to be wild are garden escapes.