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Thursday, February 20, 2014


In my spare time,
while I'm watching TV,
I've been busy using up scraps of  wool  yarn to make granny squares.
All following the same
2 rows, 2 rows, 1 row
A perfect size to work on in this heat.

I've collected all these scraps from the Moggill CWA ladies who are busy knitting rugs, scarves and toys to donate to their many causes.

Random, contrasting colours

that create quite a pretty effect.

My pile has grown to about 70 four inch squares.

Add these to the other 30 crocheted by another member and we have enough for a good sized knee rug for the elderly people in our local Nursing Home
 and being so multi-coloured it will please the men who don't like the pretty, girly ones !

Monday, February 17, 2014


Do you remember Scout?
She lives with Sally and now she's all grown up.
Scout's favourite place in the whole world is
the beach.
Where she lives on Queensland's beautiful Gold Coast there are special beaches that are set aside for people and their dogs.

Recently we spent some time with them on the beach.
Scout's favourite game is to catch the Frisbee.

She fixes the Frisbee with a Border Collie stare,

gets ready

and she's off !
She's good ! Catching them in mid-air

on the fly !

The Frisbee gets covered in sand.
Scout gets covered in sand too !

Back and forth, back and forth.
 She tears up and down the beach with her precious Frisbee.

Sometimes other dogs want to join in .....

  but she never surrenders that Frisbee

and when Sally throws it into the water

she just charges in after it !

She's a great swimmer.

Doesn't mind putting her head under water

and often Sally joins her for a swim.

We played for over an hour until she was completely worn out.

  Then we sat on the sand and watched what the other dogs were doing for fun.
 Doggie Heaven !