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Sunday, August 30, 2015


Many days have passed since I last typed a post here.
It seems that I have "done it all before".
The rhythms of my life go round and round and seem to be more of the same and I can't keep repeating myself here.

We are almost finished with Winter - a season that I love - and it has been quite a cold one especially the nights which are still below 10 degrees C most nights but the days are sunny and warm and there's not much to complain about ( except the lack of rain !).

The wattles are blooming everywhere and so are the grevilleas so there is a hint of Spring in the air.
Most likely we will just jump straight into Summer and forget about Spring. The heat will just hit like a sledge hammer with no time to prepare ourselves.

We are off overseas for a holiday in France in a few days.
Not the usual time for us to go but the wedding in March and visiting rellies from Texas and Wales gave us plenty to do in April and May. It's lovely to connect with family who live so far away and so important to keep those family ties strong. Much easier in these days of Face Book too !

So we are off on Sunday leaving three elderly parents behind with some trepidation.
Five weeks can be a long time when you are 93 , 93 and 94 but they are all doing OK at the moment and we can't put our lives on hold. We too are watching the years pass and know that these overseas jaunts will become more and more difficult and more and more expensive as we stretch our retirement funds !

Three weeks in the South of France !
I was a little concerned that it would be HOT and I hate HOT !
(We get plenty of that here !)
However looking at the temperatures there now, they seem to be cooling down quite quickly
 and 24 -26 C sounds pretty perfect to me.
It seems to an observer from Downunder that the seasons move quite rapidly from one to the next in countries where four distinct seasons are the norm. Here we often seem to jump from Winter to Summer with little in between and I guess when you don't have leaves falling to signify the change, Autumn just means you turn the airconditioning off !

One week in Sarlat-le-Caneda and a final week in Paris.
Sounds great doesn't it ?

Perhaps that will give me something new to post about !!!