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Friday, March 16, 2018


Yes, very trying !

A recent 60th birthday had us dressing like we did in the 60s.
 The hippy look was as close as we could get !

They had a photo booth where you could use their props and pose for silly photos

So we did !

Now, if only I could work out how to change the size of all these photos instead of just one  ! !

I’ll just keep on trying. 

Be prepared for a few inane posts .


Tuesday, March 13, 2018


There are lots of things to organise before you go away for over a month.

Bills that will come up while yo are away. 
Mail to redirect
Garden to look after.

Then there’s your clothes to organise.
New undies 
Warm weather /  cool weather ?
Wet weather ?

But the thing that is giving me the most grief is trying to work out how to post a blog using my new iPad.

Adding photos that are stored on the iPad is the problem.

And what is a travel post without photos ?

So if you have any expertise in this PLEASE advise me.


Sunday, February 25, 2018


We are now counting down to our UK holiday.
Seven  weeks to go.

Hoping there will still be daffodils like this !

Looking forward to walking through Yorkshire countryside like this !

and visiting beautiful stately homes like this !

and natural wonder like this

and this !

before staying in lovely cities that have cathedrals like this !

How lucky are we ?
Can hardly wait .


* All photos from the Internet today

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Trying to keep to my motto I've been seized by the cleaning bug.
What's that?
You're feeling faint??

I know, I hate housework. Right ?
But I've sprung into action and have spent the last couple of days cleaning the shutters in my bedroom, lounge, dining and study.

Very loud applause required here !!

I won't lie and say I enjoyed it but they're done !

I'm on a roll and working my way around the house doing  a Spring clean in the heat of a Brisbane Summer ( the aircon makes it possible !)

I am only doing a little bit every day.
Little steps remember.


Sunday, December 31, 2017


        A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”
Chinese Proverb

We welcomed in the New Year with a quiet night at home.
Can't be bothered with the crowds and inflated prices off a night out for New Year any more.

Haven't decided on this year's resolution but last year's one to drink cocktails was quite a success and proved to be very enjoyable so perhaps another along those lines will do the trick.
I'll give it some thought today before I decide.

During 2017 I only managed 20 blogposts !
No wonder I have so few comments.
I do miss the contact with bloggers I have enjoyed in the past so will try very hard to up my game.


PS. If you are wondering about the relevance of the proverb, I'm going to try to take more steps this year (lots of them in places I've never been before and  )
hoping to  get closer to a destination I need to achieve.

Thursday, December 28, 2017


A bus from Salzburg to Berchtesgaden and another to Konigsee and we were off to cruise to the end of this pretty lake.

The weather was beautiful, the lake was calm and the scenery magnificent.  

 St Bartholoma Abbey comes into view and the boat makes a brief stop

before heading off towards the end of the lake.

where the boat sweeps around and finally pulls into a small jetty.

 The next section of this journey is a walk.

First along the lake 

turning to set off through the gap in the mountains towards another lake,

crossing a tiny stream 

and through a pretty wooded area

and finally you come upon another lake, famous for its reflections.

Ah yes, this is what we came for !

Out come the cameras

  No matter which direction you look

Wonderful !

There's a path that winds round the edge of the lake

and Tony heads off clicking away

But suddenly across the lake a breeze begins to ripple the water

and as the ripples come closer and closer

the beautiful reflections disappear !

Weren't we lucky ?



I have just been re reading my blog posts about this year's holiday and found that there are some serious gaps so I intend to catchup over the Christmas break if that is possible.

After our lovely week in St Wolfgang we moved on to Salzburg. We stayed in a great apartment on a very old "street" just across the river on the edge of the Old Town.

 The back wall of the apartment was the wall of the cliff behind it.

On this side of the river we could walk to the Mirabel Gardens where many parts of The sound of music were filmed - like this famous Pegasus Fountain.

There are quite a few foot bridges across the river and there are lots of winding old streets to explore.

   and of course the obligatory beautiful church.

On the far side of the Old Town the Fortress towers above protecting the town below.

 You can walk up to the top but the funicular is always a great option.

 Once up there the size of this structure is quite amazing.

 and the views down onto the city below are amazing

in all directions.

A rest stop is always a good idea when you can sit and soak it all up.