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Thursday, October 1, 2020


Spring , in Queensland, is very short.
We are lucky if it happens at all.

The temperature goes from low twenties to low thirties in around four weeks.

So if you want to see some flowers you have to be quick !

On Monday we set off on a photography mission -  to capture the lavender while it was still in bloom.

There is a "Lavender Farm" on the outskirts of Brisbane.
Actually it is part of a "winery" operation where wine is produced ( not very good), tastings offered at the Cellar Door, a very nice expensive restaurant caters to diners and weddings can be performed and celebrated in delightful surroundings.

A commercial operation and tourist destination in other words

The lavender fields are not large but certainly well tended and we had arrived at precisely the right time.

You can see the vines on the hill in the distance though I think they are more for effect than actually producing wine.

A couple for the family album too !

Never-the-less it was all quite pretty though not exactly Provence !!

And luckily for the photographer there was a perfectly dressed subject wandering amongst the lavender.

Straw hat, floaty dress blowing in the breeze....


Photos taken we wandered to the "Tuscan Terrace" for a light lunch

It certainly felt just like a leafy square in the South of France if not Tuscany

The shared pizza was pretty good too though we missed the rosé because of the hour long rive home.

However the view was purely Australian

and so was the wildlife !

Cheers ! 


  1. Hey, stranger! I'm a bit slow catching up, aren't I? Good to hear from you again, Helsie....love your pics.

    I hope all is well...take good care. :)