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Tuesday, November 26, 2019


During the day it's HOT in Brisbane in late November
 if you are lucky, 
in the afternoon a breeze comes up and turns the evening into a balmy summer night.
Just right for a stroll through the gardens in the city centre,
along the manicured banks of our winding river.

These gardens were once our Botanic Gardens and so are planted with a host of lovely old trees 

and wide stretches of lawns - the only green lawns to be seen anywhere in Brisbane at the moment. 

There are also some scattered patches of colourful garden beds

The whole garden covers several hectares.

 It's not semi-wild like Central Park or Hyde Park
or nearly as big

but it's a lovely manicured oasis in the centre of the city never-the-less.

The best thing about it is that when you exit through the big, wrought iron gates you are right in the city 

and it's easy to find a lovely quiet spot for dinner with your fella.



Big cities usually have big churches and NYC is no different except in the age of the church.

St Patrick's is  really beautiful and pristine inside.

Big buildings is what NYC is all about.

Impressive buildings like this weird one called The Oculus. 
It is built as part of the 9/11 Memorial complex and is actually a Transport Hub 
- a modern day Central Station - 
with a complex of subway lines below and a huge open hall lined with shops above.

And this one with its viewing platform ( unfortunately not open yet ) on the 100th floor

Here's a weird looking building for you.
 It is a staircase to nowhere built purely as a tourist attraction from what I can see.

Of course no visit to NYC would be complete without a pilgrimage to the 9/11 Memorial.

Two giant holes in the ground where the buildings used to be, constructed as a huge water feature.

All around the edge inscribed in the steel surrounds are the names of all those who were killed on that awful day.... 

 And on their birthday a white rose is placed there .

The opportunity to see wonderful artwork from two of my favourite artists was very special.


and Van Gogh
How wonderful to get this close !

We walked over the iconic Brooklyn Bridge

Then spent some time exploring DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights.

before walking the length of the Brooklyn Promenade with its fantastic views back to Manhattan's Financial District.

Speaking of promenades of course we walked the Highline.

In all its Autumn glory. 

So much to see and do....

But we gave it a pretty good try !

What a wonderful city.
We ❤️  NYC


Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Big cities are usually not our favoured place for a holiday 
but we have always wanted to see New York. 
We arrived late in the afternoon and it was dark by the time we checked into our accommodation after more than 36 hours transit so it was an easy meal and off to bed for us.

( accommodation for 14 days at The Wellington Hotel - terrific !)

Next morning we set out to get our bearings so headed north a couple of blocks to Central Park and a leisurely stroll to wipe away the cobwebs. 
We were joined by lots of others with the same idea.

We followed pathways round corners and soon were a little lost 

but eventually arrived at The Boathouse in time for lunch.

It is no wonder New Yorkers love this beautiful park.

Times Square was a few streets south so we paid it a quick visit.

Been there, done that !
( best seen at night )

Next on the agenda was the Empire State Building as the weather was fine and sunny.

The art deco interior was very impressive and the view was MAGNIFICENT !

My favourite building was the Chrysler building with its pretty spire.

We had the opportunity to have a look inside later in the week and it certainly lived up to the exterior.

Later in the week we went to the Top of the Rock - at the Rockefeller building. 
Having first purchased a ticket we booked to go up in time for sunset on another fine day.

The sunset was magnificent and lasted for ages

yielding many wonderful photo opportunities for The Photographer.

Of course we visited this lady...

very impressive she was too !

More adventures to come !