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Thursday, March 30, 2017


Here is a photo which demonstrates the magnitude of the cyclone which recently brought so much rain and devastation to the northern parts of Queensland.

Reports of damage from the winds of up to 220 + km per hour are just beginning to filter through as communications have been difficult with electricity out and telephone towers down.

The lovely resorts of the Whitsunday Islands copped a lot of the storm as it hovered above them for several hours before crossing the coast near Bowen.

Here are some photos that are coming through ( courtesy Courier Mail )

These solar panels not doing much good now !

Our Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk and the man in charge of the cleanup,  Christopher Field flew up to inspect the damage together.

The Army mobilised as soon as it was safe driving down from Townsville .....

The cyclone turned into a very slow moving Low which then made its way down the coast and yesterday parts of Brisbane and the nearby holiday mecca of the Gold Coast and Northern NSW received over 400 mm of rain.

That's 16 inches in 24 hours people !!

                                It has caused flooding and lots of damage like this !

Supplies were packed and despatched to the North from Brisbane today as the onslaught was finally over here too.

So today dawned sunny and thankfully cooler and the recovery begins.

With Easter close and school holidays starting a day early as all the schools are still closed, resorts are looking at huge losses as most will not be ready for this prime holiday time.

That's Australia for you - drought or flood. We don't seem to do moderation !


Tuesday, March 7, 2017


1. Cocktail nights have been going well.

This is one New Year's Resolution that we are having great fun keeping for a change.

We've been exploring the city and trying new places. It seems the thing these days to locate wine bars and groovy cocktail bars down dingy alleys where all the garbage bins are lined up at the rear entrances of buildings.

Like this one.
It was called Brooklyn Standard and so had an American style with good old Liberty near the unassuming front door down one of these alleys.

A rustic iron staircase took you down to a pleasant bar area.
We arrived at 6:00pm  when there were not many people around on a quiet midweek night and were soon studying the cocktail list.
We are trying to have a different cocktail each time - and, at the price, one is all we can afford !!

Tony's "Daryl Dixon Zombie" is on the left below and my "Brooklyn Colada" on the right.
Both were terrific.

Below is another place we've visited called Sixteen Antlers - a rooftop bar with views over the city square.

We travel into the city on our beloved City Cat ferries and as usual the city sparkles at night on our way home. Great times !

2. Movies
Recently we went to see Allied and enjoyed it very much.

3. Cooking

I've recently hosted Mahjong Mornings and had the reason to try a couple of new recipes for the morning tea that comes at the end of a pleasant morning playing this great game.
Raspberry Sour Cream cake was a great success.

4. Sunsets

We've really been sweltering over the last couple of months and dinner many nights has been cooked on the BBQ..... and the sunsets have been quite spectacular viewing while out by the BBQ waiting for the food to cook.

5. Birthdays

Tony and I have both had birthdays and there has been a little bit of quiet celebrating.

6. Planning
Planning is almost completed for our upcoming 6 week holiday to Austria/Germany and Paris.

Can't wait !