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Sunday, August 11, 2019


It's very hard to put in words how wonderful this country is.
 Spectacular scenery at every turn.

We recently spent a little over four weeks exploring the southern part of Norway, zigzagging our way backwards and forwards through some of the most spectacular scenery you could hope to see.

There's something about mountains and water that just sings to me and Norway has them both by the bucket-load !

We hired a car and drove ourselves along windy roads, through countless tunnels with hardly another car on the road for company 
and around every corner we were looking for a pull-off area so we could stop and take it all in.

The May weather was cool ( we LOVE that !) and changeable , giving us a taste for blue skies as well as dull, moody days

where low clouds only added to the beauty around us.

 We never travelled at more than 70kph and what drivers we encountered were courteous and patient and the roads were all good.
Hiring a car was expensive and so was petrol but distances travelled were generally not far although it often took us four hours to travel not much more than 100k because of photo stops !

The road sides reminded me of England lined with huge swathes of cow parsley and dandylions but these lupins were a real treat as the weather warmed up. They were everywhere !

Well, that's just a sample.
There's more to come !!


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