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Wednesday, December 27, 2017


This is the sight that greets you when you enter the Aged Care Home where both of my parents now reside.
Bright and airy, it is filled with space and pretty colours and looks more like a five star hotel than a Nursing Home.

Behind the lime green decorative fretwork in the photo above is the spacious dining room with a wall of brightly curtained windows which make it bright and airy.

The residents are gathered there for Morning tea and a bit of a chat.

Their rooms are furnished with basic furniture allowing them to bring special chairs and odd bits of furniture from home if they so wish to make them feel like they are in familiar surroundings.
There's room for a wall mounted TV and picture rails provide plenty of opportunity to include artwork or family photos too.

Scattered throughout the building are small lounges where residents or family groups can gather.

Each one is furnished differently in pretty, bright colours and featuring huge banks of curtains covering the large windows. 

Outside there is provision for sitting outside (in Winter ) and a large BBQ area is there for the use of visiting families - a great idea for birthday celebrations when leaving the facility becomes difficult.

Back inside there is a Hair Salon

and a Movie Theatre 

Is it any wonder they love it there ?



  1. I'm glad your parents have found such a cheery place. It's certainly not typical of most care facilities!

  2. Looks wonderful, refreshing to see such bright colours and modern surroundings.

  3. Looks wonderful. Just had to do the same with my dad

    Julie xxx

  4. Wow! They are lucky to have found somewhere so lovely no wonder they are happy there.

  5. How wonderful it is...and the staff, no doubt, are so very caring.

    I have cause to visit, periodically, the local Aged Care home here on the hill...and the staff there are absolutely wonderful. They are so friendly and treat the residents with love, kindness and respect.

    This facility you've shown here is quite magnificent, indeed. You must be so at ease knowing your loved ones are living and being cared for in such a beautiful establishment, Helsie. :)