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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Today, Tony and I should be wandering the streets of Paris, our favourite city in the world,
at the end of a five week trip to Austria.

Visiting places like these.

Unfortunately that holiday had to be postponed at the last minute on medical grounds.

Due to pre-cancerous changes in some cells, major surgery was called for and I am thanking my lucky stars that modern medicine has made the experience so trouble free and painless.

Now for the mine field of trying to recoup costs via credit card free travel insurance.
Our flights were able to be changed ( a precaution we took for the first time because of all of our Oldies ) but, as I book all our accommodation in apartments via the Internet, I am struggling to gather all the information required from several different apartment owners with different cancellation policies.
Luckily the end amount is not large - only around $2000 - and a small price to pay for continued health.
I consider myself very lucky to have dodged this bullet !!!

I'll let you know how the insurance claim goes.


Recuperation time has been spent on making Scout some items for her trip to Sydney for the Flyball Nationals.

Her club colours are purple and yellow.

A rug to cover the mattress in her crate

and a pillow to rest her weary little head on were required.

 Looks like she is happy with both of them.

Now Sally wants a rug for herself so it is underway.

I'd better get busy, it'll soon be too hot to crochet.


PS. I have now rebooked our flights for late April next year and given us another week as a bonus!


  1. Oh dear Helen...You have reported this health episode matter-of-factly but it must have been worrying for quite a while. It is good to hear you have dodged the bullet and you are already looking forward to next April. However, the trouble with Paris is that it's full of French people.

    1. Just a blip YP And modern surgery techniques are so wonderful that recovery time is much shortened. I am a very lucky girl.

  2. So sorry to hear you have not been well.I thought there must be a reason you were not blogging

  3. Paris will be lovely in April.Actually it is lovely any time of the year.My OH speaks fluent French and chats to as many French people who will take him on!!!

  4. You could write every blog post about Scout and keep your audience very happy Helen. I felt your disappointment about your trip, when I ready your status update on FB a few weeks ago. Bring on April!

    1. All good Carol. There are much worse things in life than a postponed holiday. I count myself very lucky.

  5. We are really looking forward to it now Barbara. On the plus side we have extended our stay in Paris to 12 days !!!! Wish I could speak French but we manage with a little humour to help us along

  6. Helsie...I've only just read your post now...I'm running behind the times a bit lately. I'm so pleased the dark cloud has lifted off you and all is well. A worrying time for you, of course. Take good care.