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Monday, December 14, 2015


I'm trying very had to get into the spirit !


  1. Hard in the sunshine I'd say! Though it's hard here too with the temperature being so mild and the sky so grey and now it's raining too!

    I hope you will have a Happy Festive season even if you are not in the spirit!

    1. Christmas wishes to you, Dave and the Traveller too Jane.

  2. Hope you get the lid off it soon :)

  3. Me, too...now I'm eyeing off the bottle of Scotch over there on the shelf! Is that the spirit you mean, Helsie? ;)

  4. Cute kangaroo - not the usual Christmas fauna we're used to seeing. Sometimes the mood comes later. I hope it arrives soon for you. One way or another!

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  6. Which spirit is that then? Vodka or your usual scotch? If he's sober, ask Tony to twist the top for you.

  7. Helen - you once sent some seeds to Tom Gowans's brother in Germany. Do you perchance have his address or better still his e-mail address so that we can contact him to find out why Tom has gone silent these past few months? Thank you.