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Friday, December 19, 2014


# All photos today from the internet. 


  1. What a horrible week it has been...the siege; the slaughter of innocent children both in Pakistan and then in Cairns. I feel drained; exhausted and gutted.

  2. I hope that the lost children of Cairns receive a similar outpouring of visible human support.

    1. Cairns is a small community unlike Sydney. The Authorities are going to bulldoze the house and build a memorial to those poor children. They will consult with the community to decide on what the memorial will be. The drug Ice which is the cause of this massacre is a big problem in Australia.

  3. Such an awful event but the support from the community ( of all religions ) has shown we CAN live in harmony.

  4. Terrorism is broken in Australia, we have shown that Australians can come together like no other Country in events like this.