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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


We've been home from our lovely holiday for a week now and life is a bit "ho hum".
A 30+ hour journey takes a bit of getting over and flying backwards in time
- from west to east - doesn't help either !!
At first you sleep like a log purely through tiredness
then you begin to wake up in the middle of the night  - or in my case at 4:00 am - and can't get back to sleep so the next night you are more tired again.
 this goes on for a couple of days if you are lucky and a couple of weeks if you're not !

Just as I was beginning to get through this process a new torture began
and THIS is what was responsible !

Who knew that such a small gadget could cause such torture ?

Yes, it's a smoke alarm !
We have three of them installed in our house.....
and at 3:00am on three consecutive mornings their batteries began to run low !

One by one,

one morning after another,

the darn things began to emit a high pitched bleep like a cricket !

Our ceilings are higher than normal, so even on a chair I can't reach the damn things.
I had to wait till Tony finally stumbled out in the dark to wrench the battery out of the offending alarm and silence it !

the suitcases are all unpacked and put away,
the clothes have all been washed, ironed and put away,
and routines are slowly being resumed.

Tony is busy making a photo book of our holiday
and I'm researching where to go next year !
All good !



  1. Those fire alarms are so necessary for our safety but so annoying when their batteries run low when we are sleeping. The best rememdy for "ho hum" is researching for the next holiday. Where would you like to visit next?
    Anne xx

    1. Well Anne, there's still large sections of France we haven't been to..... and Scotland ...... and Switzerland was great ... then of course there are Mediterranean cruises !!!!!

  2. Oh No! I know what one battery running low in the middle of the night is like let alone 3! Hope you will be completely over the jet lag soon. How is Tony's mother doing? Was your return filled with drama as you anticipated?! I have been busy planning a 4-day bus pass trip so cannot imagine the logistics of planning a several week long European one such as you are envisaging - that would surely be exhausting and entail the table being littered with maps brochures and so on? However it is difficult to be "Ho Hum" when planning a holiday isn't it? Good luck.

    1. Tonys mother is recovering quite well thanks Jane so not as much drama as we feared. Any holiday planning is fun and part of the whole holiday don't yo think? Look forward to hearing about your bus pass adventure.

  3. I remember the jet lag well, on returning from Australia. Hope things settle down soon and you can enjoy your planning!

  4. All we need is to get past 4:00am without the smoke alarm chirping and we'll be right Elizabeth !

  5. Great to have you back home again, screaming, errant smoke alarms or not! That's when baseball bats or sledgehammers come in handy! ;)

  6. I hate it when the batteries start to go. Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. You would have had to laugh about it though on the third night. Did you go and buy a Lotto ticket. The odds are freaky.

    1. Good idea Carol then the winnings could pay for another trip next year!

  7. Welcome home weary travellers. I would have taken a hammer to those smoke alarms...

    1. I would have if I could have reached them Shay.

  8. Oh, a smoke alarm would be the bane of my life. They have plagued us in holiday cottages. I just don't want them in the house. I know what you mean about wanting to plan the next holiday. I've been on the internet too, taking a look both for later this year and for next year.

    1. You have to have them here by Law Foody. I like the sound of all those holidays. You are so lucky to be so close to everything. Where are you off to?

  9. I think the alarms going off may have nothing to do with batteries. It is probably a warning signal from God. And about the next holiday - how about a local road trip taking in the delights of Inala, Woodridge, Kingston and Marsden. It would be much cheaper than Italy and you could stay in the exclusive Taringa Garden Apartments. Now that would be an experience!

  10. Grew up near the Taringa Garden Apartments YP and the other suburbs are almost no go areas so I think we'll pass on your suggestion !