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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


 Australia has a reputation for being the home of a lot of dangerous animals.
Rightly so.
We have crocodiles,

poisonous snakes,  

poisonous spiders,

poisonous octopus
 to name but a few
and of course we have  sharks!

We are not alone in this of course but because of our climate and love of the beach this is probably the animal that strikes the most fear into the hearts of most Aussies.
Click here to read of a recent attack which caused the death of a young man in NSW.
Sensational stories of those who have survived these attacks are aired every year on our TV sets where we watch these brave survivors once again swimming in the sea.
An attack is always followed by a hunt to find the offending shark and all sorts of methods of making it safer to swim in the sea are aired.
But look at the figures on the sign below and see what it is we should be fearing most. 

(All photos today from the Internet)


  1. We humans are not rational. This is another example. And we somehow have the ability to dismiss things we have personally had experience with. I don't think this is totally a bad characteristic. How many times have we been inspired because someone or group dismissed danger and forged ahead? It might be both a great danger and a great strength and in my view contributed to the survival of humanity up to this point.

  2. I still think I'd rather paddle in Weymouth Bay and not have any of the poisonous creatures! However your pic of the chart of causes of death puts things into perspective doesn't it?!

  3. I always think about how ridiculous people are after a shark attack. If Sharks grew legs and started attacking people on land that would be a different story but in the water they're exhibiting natural behaviour.

    1. You're right, Shay. If you're afraid, stay out of the water. So many humans think their safety should be guaranteed no matter where they are or what they do.

  4. True sharks, and poisonous critters are the least of man's problems, the majority are self inflicted!!!

  5. After that post, I doubt that you will secure a job with the Australian Tourist Board Helen! You should have stuck to cuddly koalas and "didgeridoos". As well as sharks in the sea, I understand that some Australian men can be like sharks, circling their female targets before striking. Was that Tony's approach when first you met?

  6. I guess it's the horror of being eaten by a shark that causes all the publicity when really you have a bigger chance of eating yourself to death than dying in this way!