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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Do you remember way back  here  I wrote about these cute little Bilbies
and their fight for survival?
It seems they are in great danger once again.
You can read about it here.


  1. Shame - Nature can be very cruel at times. That is some enormous cat in the picture isn't it?

  2. Thanks for bringing this to our attention Helsie. It is a very hard story to read.
    Anne xx

  3. In the linked news report, it shows a picture of a soldier carrying a huge "gignger feral cat". What does gignger mean? Is it an aboriginal word?
    I hope Australian conservationists will redouble their efforts to protect vulnerable but precious bilbies. We can make banks and mobile phone shops secure so why not unique creatures like the bilby?

  4. Bilbies are precious native animals.Sorry,I have no time for cats who do extensive damage to our native animals. There is only one good cat and that is a flat cat !