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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


At home the sun was shining so we headed down to the coast for lunch with Sally on Monday.
It was a last minute decision so we were late starting but the one hour drive passed quickly and we picked Sally up and headed for the beach and lunch.

Sally was having that wonderful modern invention- a Rostered Day Off ( RDO ) -
a once a month day off to do all those jobs that can only be done in working hours
or just a mental health day!

However when we arrived at the beach the clouds were gathering and a there was quite a strong wind blowing.

Still, it was warm in the sun......

and we settled down to lunch at Sally's favourite cafe - Barefoot Barista.

Yummmmmmmmmmmm !

Boston Beans - beans in a yummy smoky bacon flavoured sauce on sour dough bread.....

then a little decadent sweet thing with our coffee.

We sat there chatting in the lovely Winter sun until we were driven inside by rain squalls, then headed off home.

All those clouds made for a firey sunset.

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  1. TThat's a whole new meaning to "beans on toast" looks delicious. Glad you had a good day out even if it did cloud over later.

  2. It all looks lovely. I like the sound of the mental health day, what a fabulous idea for when someone is feeling stressed, a day to unwind without feeling guilty.

  3. Another fantastic day by the looks of it. Love the name of the cafe.

  4. You do like your food, don't you? It sounds a fantastic day out.

  5. Another well-illustrated facet of Queensland life. Cheers in return (clink of glasses)

  6. The food looks delicious. What a great way to spend a day! MHDs are a great idea. I would sit and knit in the garden for the day ;-) Ros

  7. Hi, Helsie! For the chocolate cake, that would be plain flour and 1 stick equals 1/4 pound or 1/2 cup of butter. Hope that helps! I hope you make it. I just had a piece and it was heaven.

  8. What a nice day for you. The food looks delicious! I love visiting with you as you get out and about. I get to see your lovely country!