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Thursday, May 26, 2011


As we moved north the style of the old houses changed.

Lovely black and white houses became the order of the day

Our ever helpful hosts, Michael and Elizabeth, sent us off to follow the Black and White trail.

In the village of Pembridge we spied this old treasure.

Look how crooked it is !!!
A little further on we came upon a building with this sign on it.

Tony couldn't work it out but for a retired primary school teacher it was easy.
Can you work it out?

This is the building in question - over 400 years old !

The roses are blooming everywhere - especially the climbing ones.

Many of these old structures are built out of wattle and daub.
This one is being restored and a section was exposed so that you could see the wattle ( sticks) and daub (originally mud and manure I'm told ) covering them. 

The men restoring these old places work under very difficult conditions with poor access to the sites and having to carry materials in and out in wheelbarrows, up ladders through windows, crawling around and bent over with little head space and room to manoeuvre.
They do a magnificent job ( as I told the man on this job ) preserving their history and heritage for all to see and treasure.

This is the place being restored.

Some later ones are built with bricks and plaster in place of the daub but the effect is the same.

The woodwork is often very decorative.

This is the famous "The Feathers" Hotel in Ludlow.......
....and this is Broad Street, Ludlow.

Isn't it lovely ?

I think they are a real treasure. I'm so glad they are valued and preserved.

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  1. Those bulidings are fantastic, loved the old climbing rose.

  2. Thank you... I learned a lot today from my two favorite-ist teachers. Ok, I don't think that a word, but you know what I mean. Where are we off to next?

  3. It's all lovely isn't it? Have you seen Liberty in Regent Street in London which is black and white too?

    Enjoy the rest of your hols.


  4. I'm really enjoying your photos and posts. It's been reminding me of my trips to the U.K.

  5. This is exactly why I want to go to England. Those buildings are utterly fantastic. I had a chuckle at the crooked one in your last picture though. It doesnt look very safe!

  6. Very interesting post Helen! I love old buildings and these are very old. So glad they don't tear them down. We all need to preserve our past so we don't forget. I'm playing catch up with your travels!