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Monday, May 16, 2011

BEAUTIFUL DEVON - or should I say Somerset?

When I think of Devon, immediately pretty cottages come to mind and nowI know the reason why.
We drove towards Porlock, and from there we moved on to Selworthy, a tiny village which is part of the Holmcote Estate and administered by the National Trust.

This village is almost completely comprised of cob and thatch cottages with pathways winding between them and pretty greens and gardens – all maintained by the NT. Absolutely gorgeous !!

Thousands of photos were taken before we moved a couple of miles down the road to Allerford where an ancient packhorse bridge allows you to cross the stream without getting your feet wet and cars use the ford.

A little further on is Bossington where the road meanders through the village with pretty cottages clustered along it – almost too good to be true.

It gets better every day!

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  1. You should have knocked on my door!
    I live in the next town Minehead!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. So glad you are enjoying your holiday - I have been away so missed your previous post but it looks as if you enjoyed the rest of Dorset too. You are not doing so well with the weather but you did say you wanted it to be cool! Great to hear you thoughts on our beautiful country.


  3. OOooooooooops! So eager to say I lived in the next town forgot to say you are were in Somerset!:~0
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. That's exactly what I imagine England looks like. Im having so much fun seeing your pictures. It's almost like being there!

  5. Classic photos Helen - making me even more determined to visit these places one day!

  6. Ahhh.... those, as you know, are some of my favourite places. We too have holidayed there. I love Exmoor, especially that west Somerset part of it. I am so glad you discovered it.

  7. Ooops! Being a foreigner I'm not too sure where the boundries of these counties are. Anyway everywhere we go we are captivated by it.