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Thursday, April 22, 2010


This is a quick post for Foody and Uncle Bernard who have been talking street music performers.
We saw this fellow belting out a tune on his "piano" right near Notre Dame in Paris.

He was singing along too.

His "instrument" doesn't seem to have quite the same finish as Uncle Bernard's but it worked OK !!!!


  1. Not as dashing either, I would add :)

  2. Hi Helen,
    I see.. he is playing a real piano, only smaller!
    The one I had in mind is real gem. It is a miniature 'Grand Piano' fed with punched cards.
    You can see a picture here on one of my earlier posts.


    You do seem to be having an interesting holiday, lots of variety.
    By the way the organs like mine are known as
    "Orgue de Barbarie" in France.
    Cheers.... Bernard

  3. Thanks KD I'll keep an eye out for them.

  4. Looks very battered but so long as it played well. The wheels look very much up to the task.