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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


OK, the secret is out! I'm trying to lose some weight - well a lot of weight would be good but slowly, slowly.

You know that as soon as you begin a   diet   ( the dreaded D word ) your social life suddenly jumps up a notch or two!!

From now on 'til the New Year it is going to be deadly.

So today I've searched my recipe files for a "Bring a Plate " end of year break-up luncheon for my Craft Group.

Finger Food required.

So this is what I've chosen - cut from a magazine at least 10 years ago

I've calculated points. My estimate for the whole mixture is 36.

I'm cooking it in tiny muffin trays for bite sized pieces.


The mixture made 36 so the tasty little morsels are only 1 point each !!!

Now all I've got to do is keep count!

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  1. Good luck with the big "D" word, I'm not a fan of diets either. Thanks for your papercraft Christmas jars idea you left on my blog, so many cute things you can do with a plain old jar!