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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Well it's official!

I hate quilting !!

The little quilt is finished - quilted in the ditch very badly  by me !

Never again.


Like making the tops but not prepared to wreck all that hard work by quilting it myself ever again !!
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  1. I think it looks really lovely! I have a terrible time with the actual quilting process too. It never goes well, but I do love sewing all the pieces together. I have tried to convince myself that practice makes perfect.

  2. It looks great. But, maybe it's time for some yarn again. OK, I know, look whose talking right. I know you are getting ready for the big trip. Have a great time and I can't wait to travel with you two again. It's such a treat to have you both as my special friends and we would be dangerous {as we say} together if we were neighbors. Well, it's 800am and you know where I'm off too.

  3. I think it looks great.Perhaps a quilting break is needed.When do you go on your trip?

  4. It looks great from where I'm sitting. I always love your colour choices! Great work! Ros

  5. I hate quilting too. I've never tried it but having stabbed my fingers countless times trying to sew a button on my tunic, I just know quilting is for masochists.

    Yours does look nice though.

    If I had done that, it would have been covered in bloodstains.

  6. It's a rule of quilting that you will see every single flaw whereas the rest of us will see just how pretty your project is. I think it looks lovely.

    Chuck it in the wash and then throw it in the dryer. I bet you'll like it a whole lot more.

  7. Agree completely with Shay, wash it first. Love the colors, it looks absolutely lovely in the photo.