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Monday, November 12, 2012


On Sunday we found ourselves free from the restraints that we have recently been under with aged parents, so we set off for the city centre where there were some new sights Tony wanted to show me.

We call it " Going into town".

Surprise, surprise the city centre was swinging into Christmas mode.
Yes I'm sorry I mentioned that word but I've been reminded it is but a few weeks away !!!

It was quite a shock to realise how close it is ...

but when I saw the Christmas windows in Myers it really hit home how close it is.

I took some photos with my phone but it's not too good and I'm not good at taking them either.
Thought I'd include some with people in them so you could see how different it is to have Christmas in Summer time.( and casual dress is the way to go on Sunday in Brisbane!!!)

As usual the Christmas stories were all about a snowy Christmas

with little relevance to Aussies and our climate.

No wonder most of us list experiencing a White Christmas on our Bucket List !

The "something new" Tony wanted to show me was a very glitzy new shopping arcade called
The Wintergarden.

Can you see the building front above the Tourist Information Centre?

Very colourful and quite unusual though I've seen a building in Paris that looked a bit like that.
There were huge colourful butterflies resting all over it.

On street level there were quite a range of shops

with this Aussie icon taking pride of place

and this one full of sparkly stuff.

When you moved inside it was pure glitz.

High end fashion

and other expensive "stuff "

 There was even a ten pin bowling alley !

I guess that will give tourists something else to do ????
or perhaps it will become the "in" place to be seen before hitting the night life later in the evening?

We spied this Japanese restaurant and decided to give it a go for a late lunch ( we've not tried Japanese much ).

It was called Wagamama which my nephew says means "selfish".
A strange name for a restaurant but possibly something was lost in the translation !
 Anyhow, I was selfish and ate all of mine myself !!

I have to say it tasted better than it looked .

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  1. Just popped back to have another look and lo and behold the photos are there now! So ignore my previous comment apart from saying it looks like an interesting Sunday outing. I don't ever remember an actual white Christmas here either it's usually afterwards that we get snow!

  2. Oh good, the photos are there now.
    Look at the blue sky, I was there on Sat and not one bit of blue sky, but lots of grey and constant rain. I picked the wrong day!

  3. Thanks for the shopping tour...I wish we were all wearing tank tops and capris here but it has to be consistently warm for me to break out those kind of clothes and we're not quite there yet!

    I LOVE Japanese food.

  4. Helsie, what's a Bucket List? Is it a Wish List, Something to do before you 'pop your clogs'? Haven't heard that expression before. I didn't know Australians began Christmas so early, thought it was only us Brits...

  5. Sorry to hear about your parents.
    I'm a Christmas nut so I love all the lights and the shop displays etc but still I think they should wait until at least December.
    I've heard of Wagamama. I think maybe there are some in the UK. I'm glad to hear it tasted better than it looks!