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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Look what has arrived today.

Yes, it's the quilt!
Sally's quilt back from the quilting lady.

The backing is the colour of her bedroom walls.
It's one of those special backing materials that are wide enough so there are no joins.

Here's a little peek at the top.

I chose a swirly all over pattern for the quilting.

You can see it better when I don't use the flash even though it loses all the colour.

Tomorrow I'll be showing it off to my quilting group and there'll be a few hands to hold it up for a  proper photo so you'll have to wait till then to see the whole thing.

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  1. That looks lovely Helen. Looking forward to seeing the whole quilt.

  2. It is beautiful. She will be bowled over.

  3. What lovely colours, so soft and gentle.

  4. Very cool. Have fun with the girls. Can't wait to see more. By the way, you words of encouragement were so kind and much appreciated. Now, my friend you and the Tony must get out and walk too.

  5. Not fair to tease us like this.

    What I saw looks lovely. Im sure Sally will be thrilled.

  6. I absolutely love the green on that quilt!

  7. Can't wait to see the whole thing, all at once :-)

  8. What an interesting colour combination. Really lovely.